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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing a Pop Up Power Socket

When it come to choosing a pop up power socket for your home or business, there are many things to consider to ensure you are choosing a product that’s right for you. If you’ve not used or purchased them before, it can be difficult to ascertain what essential features to look for, and what to avoid.

So, before you hit “add to cart”, here’s our ultimate guide to choosing a pop-up power socket.

It does what you need it to do

The most important thing you need to consider in your search for a pop up power socket is whether it suits your requirements. Need to plug in your iPad so you can work off recipes or watch Netflix as you prepare the school lunches? Or as a business owner, do you need to install sockets in the boardroom table, with capability for staff to charge their various devices and plug in a MacBook? You’ll need a pop-up power socket that features one or multiple USB, USB-C ports, Data and HDMI.  At Point Pod, we offer various pop-up sockets with one or two USB ports, but we can also customise our sockets to feature the ports you need.

It doesn’t impinge on the design

What’s the point in getting a pop up power socket if it’s only gong to detract from the design?

Many pop up power points don’t include tops that can be customised to match the material used in the bench top. This often means a silver or white plastic circle covering the top of the power point that can be seen a mile away.

At Point Pod, whether you’re using timber, marble, or another material, we can customise to suit your design needs and bench top specifications.

It’s injury proof

Have young children in your home? Multiple guests or staff frequenting the space? You’ll need to ensure the pop-up power point is injury proof too. This means no sharp or hazardous components, and ensuring it has overload protection and in-built responses to minimise the chance of injury.

All Point Pod units include overload protection which will be tripped in the event of the unit drawing too much current. In addition, if something gets caught between the Point Pod and the bench while it travels down to a closed position, all sockets have been programmed to detect resistance and immediately switch directions to rise back up again. And, if the Point Pod detects pressure on top as it travels upwards, it will stop rising immediately.

It’s built to last / to Australian standards

All Point Pod units have a 2 year Australian parts and labour warranty.

When you’re shopping for a pop-up power socket, you don’t want to settle for something not built to stand the test of time, not designed to outlast the latest trends, or impossible to replace without dismantling the entire bench and surrounding cabinetry. Every aspect of design, functionality, construction and installation has been considered, and our units designed so that they can be easily replaced should they reach the end of their lifespan or need to be replaced while still under warranty. Our Point Pod units have been tested over 15,000 cycles without failure as part of our quest to bring our customers the very best product.

Need More Help Choosing the Right Pop Up Power Socket for Your Needs?

We can help!  You can speak to us, or put us in touch with your cabinet maker, architect or builder to choose the correct units for your space, as well as what can be done in terms of any customisations you may require. We sell a range of Point Pod power sockets, Point Pod Compact in Black or Silver, Point Pod Compact with USB (one socket) in Black or Silver, or the Multi (3 sockets and USB also in Black or Silver (3 sockets plus USB). Launching in late August, we have a new Boardroom table Point Pod that offers 2 sockets, USBs, Data and HDMI.  All of our units provide access to power points in just about any bench top, in any room, without compromising on your design. Get in touch – we hope to hear from you soon!

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