Hidden Power Points in an inspiring kitchen

Inspiring Kitchens Making the Most of Hidden Power Points

The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the house. It’s also a room that – when designed or renovated with functionality and a modern aesthetic in mind – tends to add the most value to a property.

The most desirable kitchens these days tend to include the same must-have features checklist: plenty of work / bench space (like an island bench top) for preparing food and for gathering around with family and friends; premium fixtures and appliances that not only look good, but make cooking and entertaining enjoyable; and plenty of hidden power points, allowing you easy to access to power, without compromising on the design of your kitchen.

The latter of course is where we specialise; here are 3 kitchens to inspire you to the make the most of hidden power points in your kitchen build or renovation project.

Inspiring Kitchen no. 1 | @cg_design_studio

Designed by Brisbane-based cg design studio, this client wanted to turn their kitchen into the “hero of the space, and heart of the home”. With a love of mid-century interiors, and (potentially more importantly) cooking, they set about doing this by expanding the overall open-plan living of their home.

This included framing a spacious new island bench with striking, glazed green tiles, and enhancing the liveability of the space by seamlessly integrating hidden power points in the form of a Point Pod Pop-Up Multi Power Point.

The result is a vibrant and modern, yet warm and inviting space that’s a pleasure to use.

Inspiring Kitchen no. 2 | @orton.haus

For Justine Orton and her husband Luke of orton haus, the design brief for their family kitchen in Newcastle, New South Wales was simple:  it needed to be a kitchen designed for use.They used Blackbutt hardwood flooring as a base for their living, kitchen and dining areas, tying it together with timber elements (furniture, light fittings and wall hangings), and calming, tonal hues in the form of the island bench top and soft furnishings.

They designed a “drop down” island bench, which allowed them to eat meals everyday looking out onto the pool while allowing the kids to feel part of the cooking process. They also installed an “all-in-one” tap – think normal hot and cold water,  and instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water all at the flick of a knob!

It’s no surprise then that they also opted for hidden power points, highlighting some important things for renovators to consider when finalising power point locations in a home: “[when it comes to] your kitchen bench – go for integration if you can. It’s super seamless, very practical and has a bit of wow factor!”

Inspiring Kitchen No. 3 |  Macriexclusivestone

Don’t want to see power points in your glass, tiled or marble splash back? Install a hidden power point towards the back of your bench top.

Installing a hidden power point like this will ensure the aesthetic of both your bench and splash back are maintained, while ensuring maximum storage space in the cupboard directly underneath, or even taking up a space that would otherwise go un-utilised.

And with Point Pod, you can customise your pop-up power point to feature just about any bench top material, and even customise the housing (brass plating anyone?).

Want To Build Your Own Inspiring Kitchen Using Hidden Power Points? 

If you want to make the most of hidden power points in your kitchen, we suggest speak to your cabinet maker, architect or builder at the outset to ensure it’s incorporated into your design. Already started on your kitchen renovation or build? Our pop-up power points can be retrofitted as well. We sell a range of Point Pod power sockets, Point Pod Compact in Black or Silver, Point Pod Compact with USB (one socket) in Black or Silver, or the Multi – (2 sockets, no USB) also in Black or Silver (3 sockets plus USB). All of our units provide access to power points in just about any bench top, in any room, without compromising on your design. Get in touch with us at Point Pod to see what will best work with your space, your design, and your power needs. 
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