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5 Mins With Point Pod Creator, Cameron Singer

What’s Been Your Most Memorable Moment Along Your Point Pod Journey?

My most memorable moment was when we did our first trade show (AWISA) in 2018. We had prototypes there and it was the moment it all became real; we were actually showing Point Pod to potential customers, and they loved it! And it was the same show we picked up Håfele as our main distributor, which was awesome.

Point Pod | Cameron with Darren Palmer

Cameron with The Block’s Darren Palmer

What’s Been Your Most Rewarding Moment?

Probably when we first got our compliance through. It was such a hard road to get the compliance and certification through to get it legal to sell. I remember where I was when I got the email and saw it had been approved, and it was very, very rewarding.

We also got our American patent approved a couple of months ago, but just this month I got the certificate; it’s like a whole book, it’s gilded and it’s so fancy – and that was pretty rewarding.

Your Biggest Challenge?

Getting that compliance and certification done!

Any Exciting Projects in the Works For Point Pod? 

We have done some work on some drop down units we hope to launch in the future. It fits up into a cabinet above and comes down.  You can do this with the current point pod, but this new unit will be more slimline, taking up less space in the cabinet. It will function much in the same way as the current unit, and include the same number of USB ports and plugs as what we currently offer.

What’s the Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

The best advice I received when I started this journey was, “do your budget up and do your timeline up, and times that by three”. Which basically means, do your budget up, and you’ll probably think, “yeah, it’s not going to cost any more than this”, and then you do your timeline up, and you think, “yeah this is how long it’ll take to get stuff done”. But it ends up being exactly three times that amount; everything costs three times more than what you think it will, and takes three times as long.

Who or What Inspires You?

I listen to a podcasts called How I Built This” [by Guy Raz] and it’s stories about entrepreneurs who build massive businesses out of nothing and all the challenges they face along the way. A new episode comes out every Monday, and I am always looking forward to it. every week.  It’s a great podcast, very inspiring.

What Gets You Through Your Day?

Alcohol (laughs). As silly as it might sound, it’s sales. Every time I get a sale, on the website, or someone rings up and places an order, I always get a buzz 0 even though it’s been two years. I always get a buzz when I get a sale; it reinforces that you’re doing something right, and creating something people need and love.

Your Pop-Up Power Points are a Must-Have in Many Kitchens Around the Country. When it Comes to using your Point Pod, What Do You Like to Cook in the Kitchen?

Pikelets! I have been making pikelets every Sunday morning since my first born Giselle was one (she’s now 11). I use a recipe I was given in year 5 at Primary School – it’s fail proof! Over the years, my girls (Giselle and Eloise) have perfected the recipe for themselves,  and have gone on to win lots of awards at the local fair with their pikelets!

Point Pod Founder

Eloise & Giselle cooking their award-winning pikelets

Which Three People Would You Love to Have at Dinner?

Hmm, that’s a tough one!

Maybe Richard Branson; Hugh Jackman – he tells the most amazing stories; and Tim Ferris: he’s so inspiring and has such an amazing journey. He’s exactly my age, born in ’77. I am pretty much obsessed with his podcasts and anything he creates.

Who Would Play You in a Biopic of Your Life?

Definitely Chris Hemsworth. I saw him on TV the other morning and I thought: you are one good looking dude.. And he’s such a nice guy too! He does tuckshop at his kids’ school!

What’s the Last Song You Listened To?

“Never Had So Much Fun” by Frenzal Rhomb. Every time I go to play my media in my car to listen to podcasts, it always goes straight to my music and plays Frenzal Rhomb. It’s on an old school play list I made from the late 90s, just for a bit of nostalgia.

The Best Book You Have Read This Year?

The best book I have read this year is also the first fiction book I have read in about 12 years as I normally only read non-fiction. It was Boy Swallows Universe [by Trent Dalton]. I grew up around Darra and I knew of all the places he talks about, and I just really enjoyed it.

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