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5 Mins With Point Pod Creator, Cameron Singer

What’s Been Your Most Memorable Moment Along Your Point Pod Journey? My most memorable moment was when we did our first trade show (AWISA) in 2018. We had prototypes there and it was the moment it all became real; we were actually showing Point Pod to potential customers, and they loved it! And it was […]

6 Home Office Ideas for the Ultimate WFH Setup

Covid-19 has forced many to work from home. Love it or hate it, it’s a trend that’s increasing, and likely to become the new normal for the foreseeable future. It makes sense then, that many people have been transforming whatever spare space they have at home into a workable office. It would also be reasonable […]

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing a Pop Up Power Socket

When it come to choosing a pop up power socket for your home or business, there are many things to consider to ensure you are choosing a product that’s right for you. If you’ve not used or purchased them before, it can be difficult to ascertain what essential features to look for, and what to […]

Inspiring Kitchens Making the Most of Hidden Power Points

The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the house. It’s also a room that – when designed or renovated with functionality and a modern aesthetic in mind – tends to add the most value to a property. The most desirable kitchens these days tend to include the same must-have features checklist: plenty of […]

Our Guide To The $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant

The Federal Government recently announced a $25,000 HomeBuilder grant in an effort to stimulate the economy post-covid. We share what it is, who is eligible for it – and the best ways to use it. What is the HomeBuilder Grant? The HomeBuilder grant is a $25,000 grant available to eligible homeowners to build a new […]